Green Meadows West Homeowners' Association committees help oversee association operations in-between monthly board meetings. Volunteers provide welcome resources of energy and expertise—you need not be a board member in order to serve on a committee!

If you are interested in serving on one or more of the following committees, please contact the board of directors through Association Manager Ben McMenamin at: 515.222.5206.



The Covenants Committee advises the board officers and directors on matters pertaining to the enforcement of property covenants, to which all Green Meadows West homeowner-members must adhere. Covenants may vary by plat.

The 2024-2025 Covenants Committee is:
  • Jon Vasey
  • Randy Brown


The Grounds Committee helps administer the association's more than 85 acres of common area property. This includes garden and landscaping plantings at the neighborhood's five formal entrances, and two small association-owned parks.

Located near the intersection of Crescent Chase and Wellington Boulevard, Dover Park features a small English-style garden, an illuminated gazebo, and a U.S. flag display.

Located near the intersection of Windsor Parkway and King's Row, Windsor Park features a play area suitable for small children, including swings, slides, and a sand-play area. The park serves as a trailhead into the neighborhood's signature prairie area. While trails are now maintained and enforced by the City of Johnston, the prairie continues to be owned and maintained by the homeowners' association.

The 2024-2025 Grounds and Property Committee is:
  • Ron Lower (co-chairperson)
  • Jack Sullivan (co-chairperson)
  • Jeff Chevannes
  • Jason Hamata


The Nominating Committee searches out homeowner-members who are motivated to maintain and improve their neighborhood through service on the association's board of directors. Directors are elected at an annual meeting held each January. Nominations are gathered year-round.

The 2024-2025 Nominating Committee is:
  • Jack Sullivan (chairperson)
  • Carin Birt
  • Randy Brown
  • Jason Hamata


The Outreach Committee oversees written, visual, and other communications to its homeowner-members, and coordinates neighborhood events designed to create a sense of community. Annual happenings include a neighborhood garage sale, and picnics, concerts, and other events in the association's distinctive Dover Park.

The 2024-2025 Outreach Committee is:
  • Carin Birt (chairperson)
  • Randy Brown
  • Sara Lockner


The Prairie Committee maintains the neighborhood's nature-focused common areas using environmentally responsible methods, following guidance provided by expert vendors. Properly licensed, permitted, and insured professionals are hired to conduct chemical applications, burn operations, and other projects as required. The committee regularly sponsors prairie education tours and other events centered on this signature neighborhood attraction.

The 2024-2025 Prairie Committee is:
  • Jason Hamata (chairperson)
  • Jason Rauscher

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