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Green Meadows West is a neighborhood in which homeowner-members agree to restrict certain uses of their respective properties, and to pay for maintenance and improvement of common areas. The latter includes landscaping and mowing, irrigation, and snow removal of some areas.

The declarations dated 1990 and amended in 2000 are the organizing basic building blocks of the association. The bylaws describe how the board of directors conducts business.

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Covenants are rules governing what each homeowner-member can and should do on his or her property. The goal of covenants is to maintain property values, safety, and courtesy among homeowner members. The Green Meadows West are designed to be minimally invasive. Examples include whether or not large vehicles or boats may be stored on property, and how many trees must be planted on each residential property.

Covenants may vary from plat to plat. There are approximately 12 plats covered by the association. (The number of plats has varied over time.) For a numbered map of Green Meadows West plats, click here.

To reinforce and reiterate these allowed uses, to make them more accessible, and to more uniformly apply them across the neighborhood, the board of directors also approved an easy-to-read list of "rules and regulations" in 2019. In addition to being posted on-line here and made available via the Green Meadows West Homeowners Association manager, these rules have been publicly recorded with the Office of the Polk County Recorder, Des Moines, Iowa.

For copies of covenants governing property uses on each plat, click each link:
A limited number of private properties may include "no mow" areas. These are typically grassy or wooded areas adjacent to association common area, which may be difficult for homeowner-members to maintain, because of slope, ground saturation, or other reason.

For maps of those properties with "no mow" areas specified, click on each link:
A notice that Green Meadows West is a covenant-protected neighborhood is provided during any real estate transactions. Sellers must provide Covenants are usually provided to incoming homeowner-members by their respective real estate professionals at the time of a home purchase. A courtesy copy of the relevant covenants is also provided by the Green Meadows West Homeowners Association manager the first time a homeowner-member is billed for semi-annual dues.

Homeowner-member dues are currently $231, paid twice yearly. Bills are issued on the first of January and July.

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