Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Delinquent Dues Successfully Collected Through Liens, Small Claims

Board reports successes in collecting delinquent dues As of May 2013, fewer than 10 of the 531 Green Meadows West properties are delinquent in paying twice-annual membership dues in amounts greater than $400.

The $400 threshold is the point at which notice of a pending property lien is automatically sent.

After a property lien is filed, unless the property is in foreclosure, a property cannot be sold without first paying the delinquent amount.

Liens are currently filed or are being filed on the following properties:
  • 5640 Chatham Street
  • 5663 Foxboro Road
  • 8000 Heather Bow
  • 6006 Nottingham Drive
  • 6009 Nottingham Drive
  • 6040 Nottingham Drive
  • 8160 Wellington Boulevard
  • 6004 Weybridge Court
Homeowners who are delinquent in an amount greater than $600 are automatically sent an attorney’s notice of pending small claims court action.

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