Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Keep Pools Cool, Safe, and Within Covenants

The Green Meadows West Homeowners’ Association encourages members to keep kids and pets safe this summer by observing all Johnston municipal laws and neighborhood covenants regarding swimming pools. Consumer and safety experts warn that small children can easily drown in small pools, toilets, and even 5-gallon buckets.

According to the City of Johnston, a pool is “any structure intended for swimming, recreational bathing or wading capable of containing water 24-inches-deep or more. This includes in-ground, above-ground, and on-ground pools; hot tubs; spas.”

Green Meadows West neighbors planning to install in-ground swimming pools should ensure they first purchase a building permit from the City of Johnston prior to construction, and meet building code requirements. Requirements include a 6-foot-high non-climbable fence with a self-locking gate.”

Green Meadows West covenants prohibit above-ground swimming pools other than “small swimming pools for infants.” In-ground pools are permitted.

The association recently successfully litigated the removal of an above-ground swimming pool. The pending removal is the third such enforcement action in neighborhood history. Fines of $17,000 or more may be assessed in the most-recent case.

For more information on Johnston building code requirements, click here.

For more information on Green Meadows West covenants, click here.

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