Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Five Friendly Springtime Reminders about Your Covenants

It's spring, and finally time to get back outdoors! As you're cleaning up your yards, landscaping and gardening, or just enjoying walking or biking around, here are a few reminders to help keep our Green Meadows West neighborhood looking good and playing safe. Covenants for each plat are downloadable here. If you have questions about covenant interpretation or enforcement, please do not hesitate to contact the association manager.

  • Recycling and garbage containers must be stored away from public view. Please do not leave containers on driveways or in visible side yard locations.
  • Recreational vehicles, boats, tents, and trailers may only be located within public view at a residence a cumulative total of seven (7) days per year.
  • Dumping of any kind in neighborhood common areas is not allowed. Broken concrete and other garbage pose safety hazards to grounds maintenance personnel. Even "clean" dirt can carry invasive seeds into our prairie and other low-maintenance areas. If you observe dumping in progress, please call law enforcement authorities. License plate numbers help.
  • Unless otherwise temporarily specified by the association, signs for contractors, garage and yard sales, political candidates, sports teams, and other purposes may not be placed in neighborhood common areas. This includes areas such as boulevards, entrances, parks, prairies, and no-mow areas.
  • With increased bicycle, foot, and other traffic in the neighborhood, automobile drivers should continue to observe all speed limits and stop signs. Motorized vehicles are not allowed on trails through the neighborhood, which are governed by city ordinance.

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