Monday, May 13, 2024

2024 Green Meadows West Neighborhood Garage Sales are May 17-18

Ready to jump into some spring cleaning? The Green Meadows West Homeowners Association will conduct its annual “neighborhood garage sales” Friday and Saturday, May 17-18, 2024!

On and around these dates, neighbors are encouraged to conduct and advertise their individual sales. The association will advertise the neighborhood-wide event via social media, as well yard signs posted at entrances.

Starting Mon., May 13, individual signage in association common areas will be allowed temporarily, including at neighborhood entrances. Common areas include Green Meadows West Homeowners’ Association-owned entrances, parks, and green spaces.

All signs should be placed away from curbs, to avoid hindering drivers’ views of cross-traffic and pedestrians.

Also, please note that municipal personnel have been known to remove signs in violation of city ordinances regarding placing signs on major streets. On the following streets, please place signs approximately 18 feet away from curbs:
  • N.W. 86th Street
  • N.W. 54th Avenue
  • N.W. 62nd Avenue
Please remove your signs by Mon., May 20, 2024.

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